New year, new religion

2011 is here! This would not be an official site dedicated to The Atheism if I didn’t mention PZ Myers at some point. So to start off the new year let’s get that formality out of the way.

On PZ Myers’ blog Pharyngula (which if I’m not mistaken is a Greek term meaning “Cuddly spawn of Satan wearing glasses and a beard”), I saw a funny comic. No, not Jerry Seinfeld — I mean a funny comic cartoon. No not Garfield, I said it was funny (although Garfield Minus Garfield is hilarical).

It’s from Non Sequitur, which I believe is Latin for “It does not follow.” (Hey, I can’t be wrong all the time.) With the new year, it looks like we already have a new religion created.

Something tells me Wiley Miller (the cartoonist) is going to get some letters from irate believers on that one! Wouldn’t it be so ironic if some Bible-thumping pastor told his congregation they had to write in letters to complain, and they just blindly did so?

Almost as ironic as if an author says “You don’t get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion” and then, lo and behold, he successfully creates a brand new religion that bilks people out of billions of dollars. There’s no way that could ever happen, though.

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