I’ve found God

Aloha, fellow web travelers! Based on my greeting, you can probably guess that I’ve spent the past several months in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Well, you can probably guess that I’ve been in Hawaii, but you can probably also be wrong. I did discover though that Hawaii is home of the Coconut Museum, which I’ve had a vague interest in visiting since about two minutes ago when I googled it and discovered such a place apparently exists.

Speaking of things that do or don’t exist (a good segue to have in your back pocket, by the way), I have been on a spiritual journey and have a confession to make… I’ve found God.


I had no idea that all I had to do to find God was log into the old Facebook. He apparently also has a WordPress Account and posts videos on YouTube at least once a week, letting us know the various things our lord and savior does and does not like. Richard Dawkins, it turns out, belongs to the latter category, who’d have thunk!

But I’m not becoming a believer quite just yet. I have a multi-million dollar franchise in the Unknown Atheist, and that’s not something you just walk away from lightly. We’ll see if God can top that, he’s omniscient and omnipotent, but is he omnilucrative?! I bet Pat would know.

Well I’d best be going, I can almost hear the luau starting! Be sure to check God out and check in for another exciting installment of Unknown Atheist.

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