Unknown Atheist is on the air!

Howdy, whoever you are! Unknown Atheist is on the air! Or on the Intertubes. But if you’re accessing it wirelessly, such as on your iPhone, iPad, or whatever i-thingie you may have, it’s also on the air!

As we all know, when in the course of humanist events, it becomes necessary for one unknown guy to start a blog written of an atheist, by an atheist, and for whoever happens to stop by, about pretty much anything wacky or serious happening in the world of religion or irreligion, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

It is in this spirit that I’m launching Unknown Atheist. This new site represents a hodgepodge of various funny/interesting/thought-provoking news/anecdotes/photos/stories/etc. that catch my interest having to do with religion or having to do with non-religion. Religion and non-religion would include pretty much everything under the sun, I suppose. But NOT the sun itself. I don’t want you to think this is a new cult to Amun-Ra that I’m starting here.

Your comments / thoughts / jokes / etc. are very much welcome. Especially since if you supply your own, I’ll have less to write. I or others may disagree with what you comment on here, but you’re entitled to your opinions, however great or lame they may be. (Same goes for the thoughts and especially the jokes.)

I’ll also give important life advice when I can on this blog. As an expert in the nascent field called “Unknown Atheism” ©, I have much to share. For example, in multiple choice questionnaires, the answer to #17 is ALWAYS C. Please make a note of it.

There are plenty of sites on the Intertubes dealing with freethought, atheism, secularism, skepticism, creationism, and other -isms (but not many -thoughts) that I get my information from. As any good information-spewer does, I cite my sources so you can go back to the horse’s mouth and judge the information for yourself. Except for the multiple choice thing: Jesus told me that one in a vision last night. You can ask him next time you see him.

The name of this blog is in part inspired by the (in)famous comic simply known as The Unknown Comic, who starred on TV and in film in the 1970s and 1980s. That’s a photo of him at the beginning of this post. He still does occasional gigs these days. Here’s a YouTube video of some of his work. He wears a paper bag over his head as part of his comedy schtick (whence the names “Unknown” and “Comic”). My decision to use of the name “Unknown Atheist” could be seen as a sort of homage (or “baggage”? see what I did there?) to him, but I originally came up with the name because, well, I’m an unknown atheist. Go figure.

I am going to reveal something important about my identity: I am NOT Murray Langston. You could also say I am no Murray Langston. But there’s about a 7 billion to one chance that you’re not either, so we’re even then. I’m not a celebrity, and I’m not wearing a paper bag on my head (currently). I’m just your typical atheist, if such a thing exists. It’s more likely than God existing, I’d wager. (Sorry, Pascal.)

Anyway, back to what this here site is about. I’m an equal-opportunity observer/reporter/mocker. I am an atheist (GASP!) and will mostly highlight things that put religionists in a bad/humorous light while lavishing non-theists with glowing praise and adulation (which is a strict requirement of being a card-carrying member of The Atheism), but don’t be surprised if the tables get switches sometimes (and my card gets revoked).

I’ll be back soon with more info. Please check out the site and come back often, as I’ll be adding posts/links/photos regularly. I’m also available on the Twitter and the Atheist Nexus for now (see links on “Other sites you won’t see me” in the sidebar to the right. Like the universe, this should continue expanding for the foreseeable future).

I just started this site and see that I already have a Twitter friend! That’s what I call success. OMG, telling from her photo she’s a total babe and she says “im single and just looking for that special someone.” My dreams have finally come true!! Maybe there is a god?! Or maybe I’m just that good, what can I say? Either way, sorry ladies, looks like this atheist is now off the market.

Unknown Atheist, signing off for now.

Image source: Promotional Photo of the Unknown Comic via Wikipedia

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  1. First comment!

    After reading this post, I remain skeptical. But being skeptical is a good thing.

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